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Argumentative Essay Proposal

Argumentative Essay Proposal.

Argumentative Essay Proposal.
Argumentative Essay Proposal.

Topic: Total Social Media Censorship is More Worse than Good for Society.

Argument: Some sources argue that total censorship on social media platforms could help raise a more straightforward American population. They cite that social media allows bullying, easy accessibility of drugs and pornography, people abuse, violence propagation, and fake news sharing. On the contrary, others claim censorship is not good as it undermines the literacy standards of Americans to think critically, goes against the freedom of expression policy, reduces criminal investigation potential, makes the society to be controlled by a few, and lead to a shift in responsibilities and the blame game syndrome. I agree that total social media censorship is no good for society because the cons overwhelm the pros. The nation’s critical thinking skills are at stake, the diversity of ideas is threatened, and the freedom of expression is violated. Good things for the society encourage innovation and independence, not blind following of arbitrarily set moral standards that can be changed by whoever is in control to their advantage. Therefore, social media platforms should be left to work within the legal limits of the constitution. Users who go contrary will be arraigned in court as per the constitutional directions.

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