• Jacklyn Dougherty

Degree Ballet Dance

College Degree Programs Ballet Dance

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May you reach your Center Stage.

Alabama | AL

  • Troy University | BFA in Dance and Minor in Dance

  • Alabama State University | BFA in Dance

  • The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa | BA in Dance, BA in Theatre Concentration in Musical Theatre, BA and BFA in Theatre, Theatre Minor

Alaska | AK

  • University of Alaska Anchorage | BA in Theatre, Minors in Theatre, Minors in Dance

Arizona | AZ

  • University of Arizona, Tucson | BFA in Dance, MFA in Choreography | Performance, Minor in Dance

  • Arizona State University | Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts | School of Film, Dance and Theatre | BFA, MFA, Minor and Graduate Certificate in Dance

  • Grand Canyon University | BA in Dance

  • Mesa Community College | Associate in Arts, Fine Arts Dance

Arkansas | AR

  • University of Arkansas Little Rock | BA in Dance, BFA in Dance Performance and Minor in Dance Performance

  • Hendrix College Conway | Minor in Dance, Major and Minor in Theatre Arts

California | CA

  • University of California Los Angeles | BA in Dance, MFA in Choreography, PHD in Culture and Performance.

  • California Institute of the Arts Valencia | BFA in Dance, MFA in Choreography, MFA in African Music and Dance, MFA in Balinese and Javanes Music and Dance

  • California State University East Bay | BA in Theatre Arts, Minor in Dance, Social Justice Performance

  • California State University Domingues Hills Carson | BA in Theatre, Minor in Dance

  • California State University Fullerton | BA in Dance

  • California State University Long Beach | Ba in Dance, BFA in Dance, MFA in Dance, MA in Dance, Minor in Dance

  • California State University Los Angeles | Minor in Dance