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Ballet Flic Flac

Flic Flac Ballet

Flic-flac in ballet is one of the only ballet terms used only at the barre. It is normal not done on center stage. How to pronounce flic-flac [fleek-FLAK]. Flic-Flac is a crack. In ballet think of a cracking whip. It is normal a ballet term from the Russian. Tip for flic-flac watch your timing. Have the flic-flac time and coordination together while holding supporting. Make sure your supporting is nice and strong while using it for the support. To watch and learn how to flic-flac, check out our Ballet Glossary video.

May you reach your Center Stage.

Much Love,

Jacklyn Dougherty and Joni Dougherty

Ballet Dance World

How to ballet dance flic flac Jacklyn Dougherty
Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty

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