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Ballet Grand Plie In Fifth Position

Gigue [zheeg]. Jig. An early eighteenth-century dance in 2/4 time.  Glissade [ glee-SAD ]. Glide. A traveling step executed by gliding the working foot from the fifth position in the required direction, the other foot closing to it. Glissade is a terre a terre step and is used to link other steps.  After a demi-plie in the fifth position the working foot glides along the floor to a strong point a few inches from the floor. The other foot then pushes away from the floor so that both knees are straight and both feet strongly pointed for a moment; then the weight is shifted to the working foot with a fondu. The other foot, which is pointed a few inches from the floor, slides into the fifth position in demi-plie. When a glissade is used as an auxiliary step for small or big jumps, it is done with a quick movement on the upbeat. Glissades are done with or without change of feet, and all begin and end with a demi-plie. There are six glissades: devant, derriere, dessous, dessus, en avant, en arriere, the difference between them depending on the starting and finishing positions as well as the direction. Glissade may also be done sur les pointes.  Glissade changee [ glee-SAD shahn-ZHAY ]. Glissade, changing. In this glissade the feet alternate each time in the fifth position; that is, if the R foot is in back in the fifth position and the glissade is done to the right, the R foot will finish in the fifth position front, and vice versa. See Glissade dessous; Glissade dessus.
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