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Ballet Releve Terminology

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Jacklyn Dougherty How to ballet Jete-battement [zhuh-TAY-bat-MAHN]. This is a petit battement executed during a jete. It is an exercise of the centre practice and is excellent for foot and instep work and the gaining of brilliancy in batterie. The movement is terre a terre and is done dessus or dessous.  Jete-battement dessous [ zhuh-TAY-bat-MAHN duh-SOO ]. Jete- battement under. This is the reverse of jete-battement dessus (see below), consisting of a jete dessous and a double battement frappe, passing the foot sur le cou-de-pied devant, then derriere, and following with a degage to the second position.  Jete-battement dessus [ zhuh-TAY-bat-MAHN duh-SEW]. Jete- battement over. Fifth position R foot back. Demi-plie and slide the R foot to a short second position, pointe tendue; spring on the R foot, terre a terre, coming to the ground sur la demi-pointe on the same spot the R foot held at the beginning of the step. Immediately lower the R heel to the ground with a fondu and execute a double battement frappe with the L foot bringing the L foot sur le cou-de-pied derriere, then sur le cou-de-pied devant, and follow immediately with a battement frappe to the second position. To repeat to the other side, spring on the L foot in the same manner and execute a double battement frappe with the R foot. Epaulement should be used with this exercise. Either the same shoulder can be brought forward or the shoulder opposite to the foot executing the battement sur le cou-de-pied. This exercise is usually performed 16 times traveling straight forward (en avant) and is then followed by a series of 16 jetes-battements dessous.  Jete battu [ zhuh-TAY ba-TEW]. Jete beaten. Both jete dessus and jete dessous may be beaten.  Jete battu dessous [ zhuh-TAY ba-TEW duh-SOO ]. Jete beaten (and closed) under. Fifth
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