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Ballet Slow Tendu

Jacklyn Dougherty Ballet Bras croise [ brah krwah-ZAY]. This position of the arms corresponds to the fourth position en avant, Cecchetti method. One arm is brought up to the gateway, while the other is taken out to the side. The head is turned so that the dancer looks over the shoulder of the croise arm. Bras en attitude [ brah zah na-tee-TEWD]. Arms held as in attitude. See Bras, positions des (French School).  Bras en couronne [ brah zahn koo-RAWN]. Arms in the shape of a crown. A position in which the arms are rounded above the head. A term of the French School. Corresponds to the fifth position en haut, Cecchetti method.  Bras en lyre [ brah zahn leer]. Arms in the shape of a lyre. A term of the French School. In this modification of the fifth arm position, one hand is held above the other so that the arms resemble the shape of a lyre.  Brise [ bree-ZAY ]. Broken, breaking. A small beating step in which the movement is broken. Brises are commenced on one or two feet and end on one or two feet. They are done dessus, dessous, en avant and en arriere. Fundamentally a brise is an assemble beaten and traveled. The working leg brushes from the fifth position to the second position so that the point of the foot is a few inches off the ground, and beats in front of or behind the other leg, which has come to meet it; then both feet return to the ground simultaneously in demi-plie in the fifth position.  Brise dessous [ bree-ZAY duh-SOO]. Brise under. Fifth position R foot front. Demi-plie and slide the R foot with a sweeping movement a little farther back than the second position so that the point is a few inches off the ground. Spring upward and sideways off the L foot, throwing it toward the R and beating the calves together with the R leg in back. The landing is made in demi-plie in the fifth position R foot in front. Brise dessous can best be described as an assemble devant traveled to the side and beaten.
Ballet Glossary Jacklyn Dougherty

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