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Ballet Term A Terre

Jacklyn Dougherty Balance [ba-lahn-SAY]. Rocking step. This step is very much like a pas de valse and is an alternation of balance, shifting the weight from one foot to the other. Balance may be done crossing the foot either front or back. Fifth position R foot front. Demi-plie, degage the R foot to the second position and jump on it lightly in demi-plie, crossing the L foot behind the R ankle and inclining the head and body to the right. Step on the L demi-pointe behind the R foot, slightly lifting the R foot off the ground; then fall on the R foot again in demi-plie with the L foot raised sur le cou-de-pied derriere. The next balance will be to the left side. Balance may also be done en avant or en arriere facing croise or efface and en tournant.  Balance de cote [ ba-lahn-SAY duh koh-TAY ]. Rocking step to the side. Same as balance.    Balan^oire, en [ ahn ba-lahn-SWAHR ] . Like a seesaw. This term is applied to an exercise, a series of grands battements executed with a continuous swinging motion through the first position to the fourth position front and back. As the leg is thrown forcefully forward, the body leans backward, then as the leg is thrown backward, the body leans forward. See Battement jete balance, grand; Battement jete balangoire, grand.
Ballet Glossary Jacklyn Dougherty

Ballet term A Terre the leg is in contact with the floor. #balletglossary #aterre #jacklyndougherty #learnballetonline @jacklyndougherty

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