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Ballet Cabriole

What is cabriole in ballet

Cabriole in ballet jump. Cabriole at one time was only performed by men. Cabriole is pronounced ka-bree-AWL. Cabriole in ballet mean caper. Its is a allegro step. While doing a cabriole the extended legs inner thighs are beaten in the air. There are two ways cabriole can be performed petite and grande. Cabriole petite are executed at 45 degrees. Cabriole grande are executed at 90 degrees. How to do ballet term cabriole dancer starting working leg is thrust into the air. The underneath working leg follows. Underneath working leg inner thighs beats against the starting working leg inner thighs, sending the leg higher. Then landing with underneath working leg finishing first, followed by the starting working leg for the full finish. In ballet cabriole can be performed devant, derriere and a la seconde. Any ballet body positions as follow croise, efface, ecarte, de face, en avant, de face, en arriere, de cote, ouvert.

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