• Jacklyn Dougherty

Ballet Term Dictionary Vocabulary Shorts Glossary

Ballet terminology shorts, explore and learn ballet terms.

Adage Slow movements

Ailes de pigeon Pigeon’s wings

Air, en l’ In the air

Allegro Brisk

Allonge Extended

Aplomb Assurance

Argue Arched

Arriere, en Backward

Arrondi Rounded curved

Assemble Joined together

Avant en Forward

Balance Rocking step

Ballon Bounce

Ballotte Tossed

Bas en Low

Battement Beating

Batterie Beaten Steps

Battu Beaten

Bras Arms

Brise Broken

Cabriole Caper

Cadre Framework

Cambre Arched

Chaines Chains links

Change Changed

Changer sans Without change

Chasse Chased

Cinquiement Fifth

Ciseaux Scissors

Cloche en Bell shape

Colle Glude

Contretemps Beating against time

Corps Body

Cote de Sideways

Cote jardin Garden side

Cou-de-pied Neck

Coupe Cut

Couronne en Shape of a crown

Couru Running

Croise Crossed

Croix en In the shape of a cross

Cuisse Thigh

Danse Dance

Deboite Disjointed

Deboules Rolling like a ball

Decor Decoration

Dedans en Inward

Degage Disengaged

Dehors en Outward

Demi Half

Derriere Behind

Descendant en Coming down

Dessous Under

Dessus over

Detire Drawn out

Detourne Turned aside

Deux Two

Deuxieme Second

Devant In front

Developpe Developed

Diagonale en In a diagonal

Divertissement Diversion

Dos a dos Back to back

Double Double

Droiste a To the right

Ecarte Separated

Echappe Escaping

Ecole School

Efface Shaded

Elan Attack

Elance Danting

Elancer To darting

Elevation pas d Step of elevation

Emboite Boxed

En In

Enchainement Linking

Enlevement Carrying off

Entrechat Interweaving

Entree Entrance

Entrelace Interlaced

Enveloppe Enveloped

Epaule Shouldered

Epaulement Shouldering

Etendre To stretch

Etendu Outstretched extended

Etoile Star

Face de In front full face

Face en Opposite

Failli Giving way

Faux False

Ferme Closed

Flechir To bend

Flic-Flac Crack

Fouette Whipped

Frappe Struck

Gauche a To the left

Genou Knee

Glissade Glide

Glisse Gliding

Glisser To gilde

Grande Large

Haut en High

Hauteur a la To the height

Incline Inclined

Jamb Leg

Jarret Ham

Jarrete Close legged knock kneed

Jete pas Throwing step

Lecon Lesson

Leve temps Time raised

Lie temps Time linked

Ligne Line

Maneges Circular

Marquer To stamp

Milieu au Center