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Can Learning Piano Help with Ballet

Piano and Ballet Feel the Beat

Does learning the piano help with ballet dancing? In short, learning the piano might help with understanding the steps of ballet. Quote “Feel the music”, or what I say “read the beat to feel the beat”. Piano has the same counts as ballet. Sometimes the piano music might be repeating itself, however there might be an 8 note, quarter note, etc... So even though the note is repeated it might be different timing. In short, speaking to pianists might give an understanding of the music of ballet.

Here are some questions to chat with a Pianist.

Questions topic:

* Music phrasing, 6 count

* tempos and rhythms

* Adagio 3/4 and 6/8

* Allegro 2/4, 6/8

Learning the piano might help with ballet dancing, Check with your local music store for lessons. YouTube has many piano videos to watch and learn.

May you reach your center stage.

Much Love,

Jacklyn Dougherty

How to ballet glossary Jacklyn Dougherty
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