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Classic Deviled Eggs

Classic Deviled Eggs. Let's eat many, guest will love these serve too many who is counting. This is easy to follow.

How to classic deviled eggs

6 large eggs

2 Tbsp. mayonnaise

1½ Tbsp. sweet pickle relish

1 tsp. prepared mustard

½ tsp. salt

Dash of black pepper


Garnish: green onion curls

1.Place eggs in a in a medium sauce pan(single layer & nonstick).Add cold water to depth of 3 inches of pan. Bring to a boil, remove from heat, cover, and let stand 11 minutes.

2.Drain immediately and fill the sauce pan with cold water and ice. Let stand until some of the ice melts and the eggs feel cool to the touch.

3.Tap each egg firmly on the counter until cracks form all over the shell. Peel under cold running water, starting with the large end.

4.Slice eggs in half length wise and carefully remove yolks. Mash yolks with mayonnaise in a small bowl. Stir in relish, mustard, salt, and pepper.

5.Spoon yolk mixture in to egg whites. Sprinkle tops with the paprika.

6. Serve on a special platter and enjoy with guest before dinner or with dinner.

Much Love

Hint:The Deal on PeelingDeviled eggs look prettiest when the whites are smooth and unblemished, so wewant the hard shells to slip off easily and cleanly. Properly cooking and cooling theeggs help this. To begin, place eggs in a single layer in a stainless steel saucepan.(Do not use nonstick.) Add cold water to depth of 3 inches. Bring to a boil over highheat. As soon as the water begins to boil, remove pan from heat, cover, and letstand 12 minutes. Drain immediately and fill the saucepan with cold water and ice.Let stand until some of the ice melts and the outside of the eggs feel cool.

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