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College Paper Music and Movement

College Paper Music and Movement

Children obesity involves a case where a children’s health is affected by excess fats in their bodies. Obesity has been a health concern to the whole world. Obesity in children is determined by body mass index. Body mass index entails the ratio of height to the weight of a child (Lundgren et al., 2021). Obese children face many problems. Individuals may be harassed and bullied by their friends.

Childhood obesity is brought about by a combination of factors. Social-economic status and medical conditions may lead to this problem. The problem may also be caused by unsanitary eating habits and lack of body exercise. Family history of that condition may also cause obesity. United States recorded 17% of children and adolescents affected by obese in 2017 that is an approximate of 14.7 million adolescents and children (Littlejohn, 2023). According to Guan et al., children below 5 years with obesity were over 41 billion in 2016 (Guan et al., 2020). Chidren obesity may lead to diabetes and heart diseases.

Parent’s Tips and Techniques

Music and Movement

Music and Movement can be implemented to reduce childhood obesity. Movement and music will help the body of children to stay active (Sheppard & Broughton, 2020). Music may include singing and dancing. Parents may thus encourage their children to engage in these musical activities.

Physical Activity

Engaging in physical activities will reduce chances of becoming obese. Every day, the children need to engage in physical activities for at least an hour. Parents can thus encourage their children to take part in sports and other outdoor activities.

Good Eating Habits

Good and healthy eating habits help to prevent children from obesity. Children should be provided with low fat foods. The children may also be encouraged to eat vegetables and fruits. Parents are thus entitles to ensure availability of the balanced diet for their children.


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College Paper Music and Movement Jacklyn Dougherty
College Paper Music and Movement

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