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Easy Shoe Hacks Coolest Backpack For Dancers

Back to College, Back to Dance Class in Style

Walmart, Target stroller gear great for college ball player, ballet dancer, ballerina, school backpack, bookbag.  The best items for the coolest kid children.  College dance program.
Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty

Looking for a way to carry your ballet and dance shoes. The best dance hack, so simply and easy. A short trip to the local Marshalls. Purchased stroller hook from GoodGear. The is a easy way to carry your ballet and dance shoes on your dance bag or backpack. It opens and closes so simply to use. It the coolest way to carry my ballet and dance shoes. Backpack is from Vera Bradley. May you reach your center stage. Much Love, Jacklyn Dougherty

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best dance gifts for students and teachers.
Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty

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