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Defining the field of Educational Technology

Defining the field of Educational Technology

Educational technology encompassing the methodical application of instructional design principles and technological tools is a field of study that investigates the process of improving teaching and learning (The NACE Career Readiness Integration Task Force, 2023). Educational technology involving thoughtful integration of multimedia, interactive platforms, and educational software technologies facilitates effective teaching and learning experiences. Additionally, the field of educational technology involving thoughtful instructional design principles and innovative methodologies enhances educational outcomes across diverse education settings.

Final Definition of Educational Technology

Educational technology in learning settings is a dynamic and evolving field that leverages a broad range of instructional strategies and technological tools that optimize the learning process. Educational technology encompassing thoughtful design, implementation and development of educational experiences, fosters learner’s creativity and critical thinking (Pacetti-Donelson, 2023). Influenced by the Association for Educational Communications (AEC) and Technology's comprehensive understanding of the field, the definition of educational technology emphasizes its adaptability of education and technology to the ever-changing landscape.

My Rationale Behind My Final Definition of the Field

Initially, my definition focused on the practical application of technology in education, somewhat neglecting the holistic nature of the field. After engaging with the assigned readings, particularly the AECT's perspective, I gained a deeper appreciation for the multifaceted aspects of educational technology (Pacetti-Donelson, 2023). Therefore, emphasizing systematic design and integration of pedagogy and technology elements, my final definition prompted a comprehensive and nuanced definition, recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of the field.

Pacetti-Donelson, V. (2023). Welcome to the Association for Educational Communications and Technology: Discover the future of teaching and learning with technology. to an external site.

EME 2040 Introduction to Educational Technology
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