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DIY Room Ballet Desk

Ballet Bedroom Wall and Desk

Jacklyn Dougherty Ballet dance dorm room bedroom style ideas and tips.
Ballet Style Room Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty

Fast easy way to make ballet desk, great for dorm room or bedroom. Four stories Dollar Tree, Pop Shelf, Yankee Candle and Walmart. Plus my House (Items around my real home, smile). Purchased different size letters from Pop Shelf to spell BALLET. Different size frames from Dollar Store. I picked different sizes to bring an gallery wall design. The large b letter and frame on the desk to tie it into the wall. Starting a frame and letter B on desk. Working the rest of the letters and frames going up, around and back down. Beautiful fresh sunflowers, ballet notebooks, Rae Dunn pen holder, metronome, some pink office supplies, mirror. Plus a Yankee Candle Woodwick Pink Coastal Sunset, crackles as it burns, Sun-kissed blossoms, fresh coconut nuances, and salty ocean air capture the intrigue of the coast at sunset. With the desk set it time for back to school. What desk theme are you searching? Dorm desk and bedroom desk theme.

May you reach your center stage.

Much love

Jacklyn Dougherty

Jacklyn Dougherty DIY piano ballet dance how to do
Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty

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