• Jacklyn Dougherty

Dyson Supersonic Curl Hair

No heat no products curly hair style

Natural and Nature. Looking for a new blow dryer, the Dyson amazing for natural curls. I am always looking for ways to have my hair shine while dancing or even hiking. Yes, there are many different ways to style natural curly hair. I just love the Dyson Blow Dryer.. One tip for curly hair is to never use heat. It might take longer to set, but it is worth it. Simply setting the Dyson unit with diffuser on low speed and low heat. Use the on and off switch by placing the roots of the hair on top of the diffuser. Turn unit on, gently bring it up to your scalp, turn unit off, let hair drop out of diffuser natural. Repeat till all hair is done. The finish curls are beautiful. Hint it takes time, lots of time, but it's worth it.

May you reach your Center Stage

Much Love

Jacklyn Dougherty

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