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Easy Cello Lessons

Jacklyn Dougherty Easy Cello Lessons
Jacklyn Dougherty Easy Cello Lessons

Easy Cello Lessons with Jacklyn Dougherty

Here are some facts about the cello:

  • The word cello comes from the Italian word violoncello, which means "small large violin".

  • The cello is a bowed string instrument in the violin family. It has four strings that are usually tuned in perfect fifths. The strings are C2, G2, D3, and A3.

  • The cello has a range of more than three octaves. It can get down very low in range to a low C.

  • The cello is the second-largest bowed string instrument in the world after the double bass.

  • The cello was developed in the 16th century. It was originally made with five strings.

  • The cello was originally used to reinforce the bass line in ensembles. It replaced the bass viola da gamba as a solo instrument in the 17th and 18th centuries.

  • The cello is one of the only instruments that can easily accommodate sheet music written in any clef.

  • The oldest known cello is known as "The King". It was made by Andrea Amati between 1538 and 1560. It is currently on display at the National Music Museum in South Dakota.

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