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EDF 1005 What Does Culture Mean

EDF 1005 What Does Culture MeanAnticipation Community Activity What Does Culture Mean? What About Socialization?Culture is the collective representation of the patterns of behavior, arts, beliefs, customs,and traditions of a given society, ethnic group, tribe, or community (Hargraves, 2018). It changes the opportunities humans will grasp or how they will behave. Socialization consists of the process during which a man finds out the attitude, values, and behavior that is socially acceptable. Socialization, a process through which culture is being passed from one generation to another, is, in fact, the transmission of it.How Do Culture and Socialization (for Students and Teachers) Impact Education?In learning, cultural and socialization factors come to the fore. Students and teachers carry a base level of experiences and socially set expectations. These will also shape communication and perceptions of others 'performance and authority. A classroom is known tobe culturally diverse and socialized, and students must consider that in their daily lives.What Identity Aspect(S) Did Your Article of Choice Center? In & quot; The Principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching " I will examine cultural identity. The article advocates for teachers to realize and accommodate the students varied cultural backgrounds as another way of teaching efficiently.How did your article of choice connect to the ideas of culture and socialization? The Article attaches to issues of awareness of culture and socialization, contending they are critical in shaping learners, making teachers consider these forces (Hargraves, 2018). Students conversation styles, meaningfulness, and academia may all be influenced by national and social gender norms.

3What From Your Article of Choice Most Interested, Challenged, and Surprised You and Why? What intrigues me most is that teachers are advised to explore themselves as socialized people with biased perspectives about their culture but with the possibility of change. As the article points out, "Educators are bound to become aware of their cultural background, to realize their own prejudices, and to learn about their students habits." On the other hand, self-awareness allows teachers to see beyond the socialized way of seeing the world. This inaction approach is more critical as we often disregard our potential unconscious biases. Considering my own culture and historical socialization should serve as a permanent thread in being a teacher.


Hargraves, V. (2018, November 6). What is culturally responsive teaching? THE EDUCATIONHUB.

EDF  1005 What Does Culture Mean
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