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EDF 2085 Role Schools Social Justice PDF

Part 1. The Role of Schools

Jacklyn Dougherty

EDF 2085

The Role of Schools and Social Justice

EDF 2085 Role Schools Social Justice PDF

There has been a debate on whether schools should recognize the differences in religion, language and culture or strive to make all students “good Americans.”  The question of whether schools should recognize these differences or serve as the central place for molding all students into "good Americans" reflects the tension between assimilationist and pluralist ideologies. The assimilationists propose a unified American identity with common values and language (Salins, 2023). On the other hand, pluralists argue for the recognition of diversity (Schachner, 2019). I believe that schools should recognize differences to foster inclusivity but also strive to instill common civic values. In a multicultural nation, it is crucial to embrace pluralism as it promotes unity and understanding amid the unavoidable diversity.

Part 2. Social Justice

My knowledge of social justice involves the pursuit of fairness, equality, and human rights. It involves addressing systemic issues and backing the marginalized groups in the society. The information I have come across has been a mixture of positive and negative perspectives.

The information learned this week has both supported and challenged my previous knowledge. Notably, the information provided valuable insights into the complex nature of social justice issues. This highlights the ongoing debates and diverse strategies employed to achieve justice and equality.

The social justice principle that I have chosen is the principle of equity as a fundamental aspect of social justice. I believe this principle is true as it seeks to address systemic disparities and offer fair opportunities for everyone. I believe in this principle as I came into this conclusion through considering various perspectives, empirical evidence, and the ethical imperative to ensure everyone has equal access to resources and opportunities.



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he Role of Schools and Social Justice
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The Role of Schools and Social Justice
The Role of Schools and Social Justice

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