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EDF 3423 PDF What Is Education Research and or Research More Broadly

 Educational Research Design EDF 3423 What Is Education Research and or Research More Broadly?

Education research in simple terms is the scientific field of study that studies education and learning processes. This field of study also examines the human attributes, organizations, interactions and the basic institutions that shape human education and educational outcomes. In education research, scientific methods are applied in the exploration, understanding and improvement of the educational policies, practices and outcomes (Akkerman, Bakker & Penuel, 2021). Notably, as the world evolves, the education sector also evolves. For this reason, researchers in the field of education seek to add to the existing body of knowledge regarding teaching and learning through drawing conclusions from studies and data analysis. Various topics such as curriculum development, educational technology and instructional strategies are explored in this type of research.

More broadly, research, or science, is a systematic process of inquiry aimed at acquiring knowledge, solving problems, and advancing understanding within a certain field of study. The research process involves formulation of a hypothesis, carrying out experiments, collecting data and analyzing this data to make sound conclusions. In this case, research can be said to be the foundation for discovery, innovation and expansion of knowledge (Mertler, 2021). This leads to meaningful progress and development in various aspects of human life. In other words, the knowledge of human beings regarding various aspects can be attributed to research.


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Is Education Research andor Research More Broadly_
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 Educational Research Design EDF 3423 What Is Education Research and or Research More Broadly?
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