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EEX 4294 DI Lesson Plan Activity

Lesson Plan Activity:

You may select any topic and any subject you want to teach. Please select a topic within your area of enterprise (what content do you hope to teach, or one you feel very comfortable teaching a lesson).

Identify 4 students who have specific needs, what will you need to plan for, with these students in mind:

· John: a student with a reading disability

· Rohit: an advanced learner who could probably teach the lesson.

· Stacy: a student with poor organizational skills (one who has difficulty with multi-step directions)

· Teesa: a student who is very bright and might qualify for gifted programs if she could write a cohesive essay. She can discuss and engage with multiple topics and has a wealth of knowledge to share (orally).

Lesson Plan template
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Lesson Plan Ed
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