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Eggs Day Veggies

Veggies, eggs photography ideas Jacklyn Dougherty Do souffles use egg yolks, white eggs or whole eggs.
Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty

What makes the souffle fluffy?  The whipping egg whites.  Jacklyn Dougherty
Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty

One hand, egg cracking. A simply egg meal for breakfast or dinner. When it comes to egg making, use lots of veggies. If you want soft veggie saute in a pan before baking, your desired taste. Whisk or immersion eggs in bowl. In individual pan or muffin pan place veggie mixture, with egg blend. Bake for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve warm, enjoy. Check out our new recommend dips. Much Love, Jacklyn Dougherty

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