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EME 2040 Photoshop

EME 2040 Photoshop Jacklyn Dougherty

Image Choice: I chose to draw a piano because I find the instrument beautiful both visually and for the music it can create. As an artistic image, a piano offers interesting shapes, textures, lights and shadows to depict. Project Rationale: As an amateur pianist and music lover, I wanted to create an artistic rendering of the instrument I enjoy playing. Recreating the complexity of a piano through digital art is an engaging creative challenge. Significance: A piano holds cultural and historical significance as an iconic instrument central to many musical genres. Capturing its form artistically pays homage to its enduring role in human expression through music. Design Process: I sketched the basic shapes and layout to plan the drawing, then used Photoshop tools like the pen, brush, gradient and transform to build up tones, lighting and perspective that bring out the piano's visual interest. It was a rewarding process that allowed me to mesh my musical and artistic passions.

EME 2040 Photoshop
EME 2040 Photoshop

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