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Graduation Class of 2023 Mother and Daughter

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Daughter and Mommy Class of 2023

One Mother and Daughter will have a lot to celebrate at graduation 2023 season.

Graduating high school in 1992, it was a long road for Joni Dougherty, 49, to get to where they are today.

Jacklyn and Joni often discuss the importance of education. It was a dream for Joni to get her a college degree. She didn’t know if it would happen for her, but wanted to make sure it did for her daughter. What she didn't know was that her dreams would come true for both her and her daughter.

With the encouragement of Jacklyn, at that moment a third grader, Joni, started college in her thirties. The mother and daughter went on an educational journey. “The best part was our talks as we walked to the Kissimmee downtown library, to study.” Jacklyn recalls

It went fast. Joni graduated from Valencia college in 2012 with an Associate degree, next a Bachelor degree in 2015 and a Master degree 2019, both from University of Central Florida. Jacklyn graduated from high school in 2020.

The mother and daughter duo is excited to finally have a graduation year together, celebrating the Graduation Class of 2023. Jacklyn will graduate with an Associate in Arts Degree from Valencia college in the summer 2023. While her mother, Joni is graduating with a Doctor of Education Degree from Saint Thomas University Miami, Florida in May 2023

Jacklyn will be going to the Gator Nation, continuing her education at the University of Florida in the fall. “I witnessed my mommy going from a non-college student to a Doctor of Education graduate, that is a huge accomplishment. I want to follow her footsteps” Jacklyn Dougherty

Graduation Class of 2023 Mother and Daughter

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Daughter and Mother celebrating class of 2023

Congrats to the Graduates of the Class of 2023.


Best day every I love you so much Jacklyn, love Mommy

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