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Glissade Ballet Glossary

Ballet Term Glissade

Video Below Glissade [glee-SAD] Glide. In ballet Glissade is a traveling step. Performed by gliding the working foot from the fifth position in any ballet direction supporting foot moves to close to it. Which Glissade, it depends on the starting and finishing positions as well as the directions. Ballet six glissades 1) Glissade Devant 2) Glissade Derriere 3) Glissade Dessous 4) Glissade Dessus 5) Glissade En Avant 6) Glissade En Arriere. Hit the play to watch Glissade

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Dancer: Jacklyn Dougherty

A gliding movement. To glide.

May you reach your Center Stage

Much Love

Jacklyn Dougherty and Joni Dougherty

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