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icon Case Study: Tech Tools, Their Use & Implementation Part 1


The responses below cover various aspects of information technology and the desired tech tools that can be used to address or facilitate leadership practice. The main spectrum of uses includes situations where tech tools are needed to address needs, effectively communicate with stakeholders, address individual learning for employees that need remediation, and how to collaborate with colleagues even with limited time. There is a wide range of tech tools available at the disposal of committed individuals, and are considered vital to the process of planning and implementation.

Keywords: Tech tools, communication, leadership.

Icon Case Study: Tech Tools, Their Use and Implementation Part 1

The process of comprehending information is essential as it determines its application. The responses to the questions below offer insights into technological tools and applications that leaders can adopt. Nearly all leadership positions have a broad reliance on the use of technological tools. In essence, these toils are at the disposal of a committed leader who only needs to understand when to apply what tool following planning and implementation strategies.

What tech tools did you create and/or implement to address any needs?

Some tech tools created or implemented include Pinterest boards, YouTube, Photo editing, and Prezi presentation. Being in a leadership position implies that there are numerous roles and objectives that need to be met. Pinterest was a helpful tool used mainly to share photos, create and manage theme-based images and going through the collections of other users. The tool was effective in posting pictures related to the leadership roles. In the long run, some of the needs addressed by Pinterest boards include building an organizational culture, facilitating team organization, and sharing things with others without having to create emails for everyone. Therefore, it was an essential element for effective communication. Prezi presentation is a tool suitable for content management equipped with tools for effective communication. I created Prezi presentations that were exceptional. Every leader needs to deliver precise and inspiring messages, and the followers can even judge some of their skills based on this (Eisenberg et al., 2019). Photo editing tools were implemented to develop clear, concise, and consistent quality communication. Since the world is revolutionizing, most communication is passed on using images explicitly created to communicate to a specific audience. YouTube was also helpful in sharing recorded meetings and new content designed to address emerging issues. It is a good tool for conducting research and gaining skills on how to complete simple and complex tasks when stuck.

icon Case Study: Tech Tools, Their Use & Implementation Part 1

What tech tools did you create and/or implement to effectively communicate with stakeholders?

Given the complexities surrounding physical meetings with all stakeholders, tools such as google meets, PollEverywhere, Twitter, and Ning have helped bridge these challenges. Ning, for instance, was created to host and manage the online community of stakeholders. In addition, Twitter and other social platforms were designed to facilitate online discussions by engaging the stakeholders in conversations and learning about various issues from peers. Rajhans (2018) mentions that sustainable stakeholder relationships are founded on effective communication and controls. PollEverywhere was implemented as a digital solution to polling, even via smartphones. Newsletters were also influential in creating awareness among the stakeholders regarding the services in the organization, progress and changes implemented.

What tech tool will you integrate into your organization to address individual learning for employees that need remediation?

As a leader, it is essential to manage diversity and ensure that all employees needing remediation are cared for (Ely & Thomas, 2020). All forms of appropriate training can be achieved by using tools like YouTube and Wikispaces. These platforms are the best shot at optimizing an individual’s ability to operate under a wide range of programs. In addition, YouTube has a lot of information regarding employee training recorded by the organization in previous meetings, hence allowing those employees that need remediation to learn at their own pace. In addition, Wikispaces is effective in training specific skill areas. All that is needed is for the affected individual to modify available training materials to suit their needs. In addition, Wikispaces are effective in maintaining various links that may be sent to these individuals or building a repository of documents that can be accessed online. It is easy to interact with trainees on this platform as they post their progress and reports for assessment. According to Shaikh and Algannawar (2018), Wikispaces can also help individuals achieve Bloom’s higher order tools by incorporating aspects like evaluation and training, articulating expectations, and providing support for diverse capabilities.

How can you collaborate with your colleagues even if time is limited?

Collaboration between teams is a fundamental element of successful outcomes. Some benefits of collaboration include increased job satisfaction and alignment of employees to the company’s mission. Therefore, there is a need to increase engagement across departments and leadership levels. One of the tools used to achieve creative ideas and efficient workflow is email. The tool allows for exchange of ideas and facilitate completion of roles faster and getting more done that what could have been possible on individual basis. In addition, Adobe was an effective cloud storage solution, making storing, sharing, and working on files easier. Both tools facilitate the exchange of ideas and references to previous meetings or documented reports. Emails have convenient archiving and tracking settings, which can allow teams to observe and assess past efforts and consult archives quickly at any location. In addition, these platforms have security features that enable sharing with the right people, minimizing wasted time. In limited periods, it will be crucial to communicate critical information. Therefore, in the race to beat time, email has features that include reminders to ensure every member is on board at the expected time. Collaboration facilitates the development of positive work culture and alignment between participants (van der Voet & Steijn, 2020). By looking at files on either Adobe or email, teams can understand the roles and responsibilities assigned to them and engage the appropriate problem-solving skills. The mentioned tools also allow the provision of executive support since employees always look up to their managers and leaders for a collaborative atmosphere.


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