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Issues Surrounding Globalization of Business

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Issues Surrounding Globalization of Business

Globalization has numerous benefits to an organization; however, it still has an equal share of challenges. The demerits of globalization generally refer to the broader social-political concerns that all companies and governments often face (Alterman, 20217). There is a huge need to be aware of these challenges in order to develop an efficient global expansion strategy for the organization. Some of these challenges include worker exploitation, loss of jobs, high investments, huge taxes across borders, environmental degradation, and legal compliance for employers. This study takes a look at the globalization challenges that Coca-Cola Company has been encountering within the recent past three months. The paper also discusses the strategic measures that were taken to minimize the risk of the challenges. The essay concludes by stating the communication messages that were strategic for both the external and internal shareholders in order for them to buy into the strategic process.

Globalization Challenges that Coca-Cola faces

The company has faced legal challenges with its investors who have threatened to sue the company over issues of law firm diversity policy. A group of stakeholders of the Coca-Cola Company threatened to redress their grievances over the company on promoting diversity amongst outside lawyers (Hals, 2021). The company committed to having diverse attorneys comprising women and persons with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, and people of color. These are costly legal battles for the firm, which divert funds that could have been otherwise utilized to expand the company infrastructure in other regions.

Coca-Cola Company has had the challenges of environmental sustainability. Earth Island Institute sued the company for its marketing strategies concerning sustainability and environmental degradation (Baroni, 2021). The Earth Island Institute purported that the company pollutes more than its other beverage competitors, and it actively works to prevent efficient measures of recycling in the United States. Coca-Cola Company produces the most plastic waste in the world. The production relies on fossil fuels leading to significant emissions of carbon (IV) oxide.

Discussion of Effective Strategies

The Coca-Cola Company has been implementing an effective recycling strategy to promote environmental sustainability (Coca-Cola, 2021). In 2018, the company and its bottling partners took a look at its packaging and means of driving change. With its regional teams around the globe, the company launched the initiative ‘World Without Waste’. The goals of the initiative are to design 100 percent of recyclable packaging by 2021, collect and recycle each bottle sold by 2030, and partner with people to support a debris-free and healthy environment.

Moreover, the company has a people value policy. The company values diversity, inclusion, and equity (Coca-Cola, 2021). More than seven hundred persons work at Coca-Cola; the company has been championing diversity by establishing a diverse workforce just like the consumers it serves. Efficient communication is a critical business competitive took that requires to be strategically maintained. Coca-Cola Company has an efficient external and internal system of communication that guarantees the growth of the organization’s orchestrate teams in various outlets and develops good relations with its customers. Messages on sustainability and consumer needs are always vital for the stakeholders, and they would easily buy in the strategies.


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