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Jacklyn Dougherty 2023 July Magazine

Its July: If your pack for a beach holiday, we have a blog about the best travel games, plus 5 secrets to packing light.

Ballet this month we are breaking down that one hard to remember term.

This month is a family celebration as we light candle for my Mommy Birthday.

Find many music information, we are going to talk about one of my favorite songs.

Find these blogs and many more under our blog post.

Happy Fourth of July 2023.

This month cover we celebrate my mom, Happy Birthday Mommy. What are you celebrating in July. The local town is going to put on a wonderful fourth of July day with a nighttime fireworks. This is something special about a hometown Fourth of July.

For our string we are going to talk about the viola, read the blog below. Also please check out our full page of lessons on the viola.


Ballet - What is the difference between Sous Sus and Sus Sous

Sous-sus soo-SEW Under-over and Sus-sous SEW-soo Over-under. Watch the tutorial here to learn more..

Piano - Cm Root Position Chord

Did you know that the song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri first verres opening chord is Cm and it is found thought out Jar of Hearts What other songs do you find Cm root position chord?

"No I can't take one" – Christina Perri

Strings - Viola high vs low difference

Teacher: Go lower?

Student: ??? (Shake hand back on neck)

Teacher: Nooo Go lower

Student: What??

Teacher: Watch Jacklyn Dougherty strings to learn high vs. low

Dance - Jazz Walks Jazz Walks Jazz Walks

Need a nice walk out to the dance floor watch the tutorial.

Birthday - Mommy 50th Birthday.

Happy Birthday MOMMY. - "Jacklyn Dougherty"

It time to celebrate the best Mommy, Happy Birthday. I love you, Much Love your daughter

Recipe - Carrots in a Blanket

Fun way to get your veggie. The old pigs in the blanket turned carrots in a blanket. Using already made roll dough. Watch this video to see how to turned out.

Mother and Daughter Got PUBLISH Newspaper

This is exciting news to share with you our readers. Read here to find us in the newspaper. Jacklyn Dougherty and Dr. Joni Dougherty Ed.D

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