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Kissimmee Car Auction Show Reports 234 Million in Sales

Students of the Valencia College Osceola Campus may have noticed many antique cars and trucks driving along US Route 192. Mecum Auctions hosted their annual car auction in Kissimmee, Florida, with a reported 4,000 cars and trucks filling the lots just minutes away from the Osceola Campus.

Jacklyn Dougherty Kissimmee, FL events
Jacklyn Dougherty

The event was held at the Osceola Heritage Park from January 4 through 15, 2023. The cars date back to the 1930’s and included a showcase of luxury and sports cars. Most of the antique cars had larger seats and longer trunks than the cars on the market today.

Mecum Auctions is an annual car auction with headquarters in Walworth, Wisconsin. According to their website, the Kissimmee auction was the first-ever auction to hit over $200 million, with a reported $234 million in sales last week.

Jacklyn Dougherty car events shows
Jacklyn Dougherty

The Rick Grant Estate collection was one of the featured main show cars. Grant’s Estate collection contributed about 50 classic cars featuring European sports and racing vehicles. Some of the most recognizable brand cars were the BMWs, Bentley’s, Bugattis, the Ashton Martin, Jaguars, Ferraris, and many more manufactured from the 1930’s through the 1980’s.

Jacklyn Dougherty cars show
Jacklyn Dougherty

The event also included food for the public such as corn dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy. Other activities such as the Dodge Thrill ride, an opportunity to ride alongside a professional driver, were made available for attendees. Riders could accompany the professional driver at high speed in a Dodge SRT muscle car, in a closed course.

The event will be returning to Osceola Heritage Park for a summer auction July 6-8, 2023. For more information about upcoming auctions in the Central Florida area, visit

Jacklyn Dougherty car show
Jacklyn Dougherty

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