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Ballet Frappe

How to Ballet Frappe

Jacklyn Dougherty Fouette saute, grand [grahn fweh-TAY soh-TAY ]. Large fouette, jumping. This fouette is performed with a temps leve on the supporting foot instead of a releve. There are numerous kinds of grands fouettes sautes. The step is preceded by a glissade, sissonne simple, failli, etc. See Fouette efface, grand (Russian School) andFouette en tournant, grand (Russian School). Fouette saute en face, grand (Russian School) [grahn fweh-TAY soh-TAY ahnfahss ]. Large fouette, jumping, facing front. Fourth position croise L foot pointed forward with the arms in a low first position. Step on the L foot in demi-plie and push off the floor, throwing the R leg to the second position at 90 degrees; simultaneously raise the arms to the third position. With a sharp movement turn into the first arabesque in profile and land on the L leg in demi-plie. To repeat the movement with the other leg, do a small temps leve on the L foot and step croise en avant on the R leg, lowering the arms; then immediately push off from the floor in the second grand fouette.
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