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Metal to Shingles Roof

Metal to Shingles Roof

Metal to Shingles Roof
Metal to Shingles Roof


Shingle (Roofing)

Remove and replace all shingles with Tamko Heritage 35 year architectural shingles

Synthetic Underlayment - Double underlayment application (Required in accordance with FBC Section 1507.2.8)

Starter - these are the shingles required for starter rows on your roof

Ridgecap shingles

Ice & Water shield - helps to prevent ice damming and provides superior protection at eaves edge and beneath valleys

Drip-edge - flashing used to protect the bottom edge of your roof

Standard vent

Exhaust cap

Pipe Jack flashing

Re-nail decking to code - with 8D Shank nails (Nail sheathing every 4 in, per FL Building code)

Detach & Reset Gutters

Install plywood over existing roof substrate on entire roof area

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