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EME 2040 Mobile Apps

The top Android and iPhone/iPad educational app I have encountered is the Kahoot app,

one of the outstanding learning apps. It Provides compatibility not only across Android devices

but also iPhones/iPads. Kahoot is a game-pedagogy space where teachers can design online

interactives like quote Kahoots quote; for students. Students, through using personal devices, can actively

participate in the quiz, responding to questions on the spot before engaging in healthy

competition with their peers.

Kahoots charm resides in its interactive nature and the fact that it allows for the push of

engagement levels using gamified learning. Aside from aiding memorisation, the way it is built

makes learning more fun and inspires students. The competitive element always makes students

active participants, and individuals can earn extra points for correct and quick answers (Wang &

Tahir, 2020). Kahoot! This type of classroom activity delivers diverse features that can help

expand teaching and education grasp. First, teachers can use brainstorming applications to quiz

students as a feedback tool. Instructors can develop quiz questions based on classroom content to

check student understanding when delivering a lesson. They will be provided with immediate

feedback that shows where further instruction may be needed.

Beyond a classroom setting, Kahoot can be used for homework or extra activities, such

as a teaching cyber platform. Kahoots development of quizzes for students on their own

contributes to reinforcing their learning beyond the class and, therefore, to students self-directed

learning and academic autonomy (Omar, 2017). Moreover, Kahoots team mode helps peers

collaborate and work together to achieve common goals. Students can work in teams to discuss

concepts, thus honing their communication and team-building skills.In conclusion, Kahoot is an exemplary tool for education that can be used for proceedings

in classrooms with the help of mobile devices. Its gamification in terms of involvement,

assessment, game-based approach, and peer learning are features that make it an excellent tool

for educators trying new effective teaching technologies.


Omar, N. N. (2017). The effectiveness of Kahoot application towards students’ good feedback

practice. PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences, 3(2), 2551–2562.

Wang, A. I., & Tahir, R. (2020). The effect of using Kahoot! For learning–A literature

review. Computers & Education, 149, 103818.

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