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Modern Musical Composition

In composing your initial discussion post for Discussion 10, think about the following discussion prompt and the following questions:  This is a 21st Century composition composed using various historical styles, including Renaissance, Classical, and principally Middle Baroque French style. It represents a growing trend among many 21st Century composers who are harking back to tradition for technique, inspiration, and content, but also never neglecting elements of innovation and originality.  What do you think about this trend? Is it viable? Is it creative? Do you think that this Royal Coronation Overture exemplifies this trend?

Modern Musical Composition

Human life has been dynamic since the primary evolution stages and such has been the musical style as well. As things keep changing, human needs also change, and entertainment pieces like music and art must also evolve. Unlike previously where one style ruled in a particular period, either as baroque, classical, neo-classical, or renaissance, modern composers seem to be more hybrid. The entertainment industry now embraces more diversity and thus there is constant experimentation on how different styles can be used to present a powerful, hybrid piece.

Royal Coronation Overture Baroque Organ by Patrick Brill is an example of a modern composition that oozes rich composition styles. The baroque style is characterized by the counterpoint, where independent musical lines are played together, and sound harmonious is the highlight of the piece. In addition, there is the repetition of rhythmic patterns, creating a rhythmic continuity throughout the piece. These aspects highlight the baroque style, which is often defined through polyphonic texture. Classical aspects also come in through the use of a large variety of keys. The piece also has aspects of a single melody, where the primary voice carries the melody and is accompanied by another voice but with a much simpler line to support the melody. However, instead of contrasting melodic lines in the musical texture, the composer blends them. This is a characteristic of the renaissance musical period, where strands in the musical texture are blended rather than contrasted. With these considerations, it shows this piece is an exemplary presentation of modern creativity and experimentation. Composers are not strictly focused on adhering to the rules of particular musical eras, but rather open to innovation. This is the perfect way to keep up with the dynamism in the world, especially with the ever-changing technology that makes musical composition even more adventurous.

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