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Performance Review

Performance Review Jacklyn Dougherty

Performance Review Jacklyn Dougherty for piano lessons contact us
Performance Review Jacklyn Dougherty


Music The event, i.e., music concert, was conducted by Count Basie alongside Basie’s band, and the concert took place on the thirteenth of July in 1979 at the North Sea Jazz Festival. The type of music in this concert was jazz music performed by Cassie and the band in a Jazz band music ensemble. The specific location of this concert was in the Netherlands, and Basie had organized this concert to celebrate Basie’s birthday, which would make Count Basie t be seventy-five years old. The performance by Basie and the band was exceptional, and any audience interested in jazz music would be fascinated by such a performance. The performance was enjoyable and catchy, especially the drumming and the saxophone parts, which had very touching melodies.

Concert Review

The genre of music that the band and Basie performed was jazz and mostly swing jazz. The program represented the information age, which was among those periods when information was a product and its access by people increased through various gadgets like computers. Through the information age, people can connect from wider and smaller distances.

The concert did not provide the program notes for the performance, and therefore it took a lot of work to follow through with the notes or have a visual representation of the keys and tunes of the performance. If these program notes were available, the performance would have been more engaging and educative since the viewer could have looked at these notes while comparing them to the actual music and learning in the process. Since the performance did not have program notes, it took time to ascertain that the music performed by the band imitated or hinted at non-musical ideas.

The performance by the drummer was exceptional and covered many parts of the concert. The drummer’s passion was intriguing since the beats made by the drummer were very powerful and robust, thus capturing the attention of the audience, who could thus feel lively and groovy. The drummer also enjoyed the concert and performance, which increased the delivery by the drummer. In music, passion mixed with talent creates exceptional music pieces, and results and such were evident in the performances by the drummer in this concert.

The part which I disliked was when the concert was starting, and such is because the tone and tempo did not fit well with me. Otherwise, after listening more, I enjoyed the performance, and the saxophone rhythms were magnificent. The performer used low and high-frequency sounds of the saxophone to indicate to the audience the talents and abilities of the performer. Also, the good thing about the performance was that every individual from the band got to showcase their talents and abilities, and the saxophone part was very intriguing. The saxophone performer managed to control the musical environment by using much power to play sweet and catchy melodies.

Another intriguing part of the performance was the transitions from one music play to another. The band and Basie continued to inform the audience that they were making these shifts and transitions. They instead maintained their play and utilized drum beats as a symbol of transition which was very good. Also, a band member was using a trombone in the performance and managed to give the audience a doom sound, which was also intriguing as not all performers using the trombone can manage to make such a sound.

Additionally, the band performed the “I Can’t Get Started” song. The performance could have been more intriguing since the band used a lot of the saxophone instrument, thus making the performed version of the song somehow different from the original.


The different thing about the performance was the band’s style of transitioning from performing one musical piece to another, whereby they used drumming beats as a transition identifier. The saxophone and the trombone parts were interesting as the band gave the audience a unique, fascinating sound that gave the audience a groovy feeling. The performer’s music presentation was excellent, with every part of the performance having its unique yet sweet touch on the audience. Generally, the concert was one of a kind and was also unique, with the band giving its all to its seated audience and showcasing the individual talents of each band member.


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