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Special Interests

Special Interests

As a congressman, I would obviously look at the needs of my people first. Thus, the immediate and secondary effect on the local community will be primary. If the project brings positive social, health, and economic effect to the local community, then I would vote for it (Fecht, 2017). Second, I would also consider the environmental impact based on the target Carbon emissions. If the project shows no chance for environmental sustainability, then I would be against. Third, I would consider the contingencies to spillage. The Arctic is not the easiest place due to icy conditions and elongated dark days hence oil spillage is a major concern (Fecht, 2017). Fourth, I would consider the safety of the people working there and how accessible help centers are located. Lastly, I would consider the effect on wildlife, given the ecological system always has to be maintained for sustainability (World Wildlife Fund, 2016). Mostly, congress members engage in pork-barrel politics through logrolling to secure economic benefits for their constituents. However, they always also remain susceptible to special interest groups because this is where they get their political muscles from, through funding and campaigning.

 Special Interests 100 words  Before responding, read the assigned pages from the course schedule found at the end of the syllabus.   If you were a Congressperson and had to vote on allowing oil and gas companies the right to explore and possibly develop the Artic National Wildlife Preserve, what considerations do you believe you should consider? Explain your thoughts--at least five reasons should be explored. Explain "pork" and its relation to standing committees. Why is Congress so susceptible to special interests? Provide at least one academic reference to support your answer.


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