• Jacklyn Dougherty

Starting With Ballet Arms

Fifth Position Ballet Arms

how to ballet arms. ballet teachers guide to teaching ballet Jacklyn Dougherty
Fifth Position Arms Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty

Where to start when teaching ballet?

Ballet positions take time for student to progresses through many ballet levels. Ballet terminology positions go from Tendu to Arabesque. Yes, ballet moves get harder and hader. When starting ballet if you master the fundamentals it should make the harder moves easier.

Some teachers start with teaching the ballet arms, before moving to the feet. Two practicing ballet tips: First, Ballet Students young and old can practice in front of a home mirror. Focus on holding all ballet arm positions. Second, use a ballet barre. Standing next to the barre, holding ballet arms for stretch and balancing. Remember to smile. Ballet Teachers work on motor skill arms with younger students, before starting first position arms. Ballet students the key is to follow your ballet teachers directions and practice. With practice and skills, one day you will reach your center stage. Much Love, Jacklyn Dougherty

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