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The Four I’s of Service

research on the topic of the four I’s of service

Jacklyn Dougherty

What are the four I’s of service and how do they work with the hospitality field? The four I’s are Intangible, Inconsistency, Inseparability, and the last one inventory. In this case I have been working with a hotel in the hospitality industry and I have chosen to do an analysis of the four I”s in the hospitality field and how they work with the hospitality field. They are elements of the services that challenge the marketing managers. When prompting a hotel to work with the four I's there are challenges. The intangible is that it is hard to explain what intangible services are and how they work. The inconsistency comes in because the customers may not understand the services the hotel provides. The last one is inventory, which is that customers may not be able to receive the services they are looking for because the inventory is not enough. The hotel is not able to meet the needs of the customers, if it could cause a problem.

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The Four I’s of Service

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