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Traditions And Sacred Space

Chapter 2 Discussion: Native American Traditions & Sacred Space 33 unread replies.33 replies. First, please think broadly to reflect on what sacred space is and why is it important to religious groups.  Next, explain why Native American traditions regard the natural world as sacred grounds. How do you think sacred spaces/places are connected to Native American identity? Please draw upon examples from your text and the video.   This discussion is a graded assignment and is designed to help you: (1) reflect on what you have learned from the lecture and reading and (2) prepare for your assessment. As this is a group discussion, try as far as possible to respond to a student who has not been responded to yet.

American Sacred Spaces

Sacred spaces are places considered by a particular religious group to be hallowed. They are places where individuals from a specific group believe their divine beings dwell. That way, they can meet them there and communicate their needs. Sacred spaces are important for religious groups because they are places of purity, where all humans, however condemned, can reduce themselves from their imperfections and deficiencies to meet their gods. For instance, Native Americans believe the natural world is divine because while life is sacred, it comes from land, making land a divine place. These spaces are connected to Native Americans' identity because they believe the world and its natural elements are controlled by spirits, making them worship the natural world, like water, animals, and plants.

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