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Travel Industry DISCUSSION


  • What was the travel industry (hotel, transportation, attractions, etc.) like in the past?

The major change in the travel industry over the last 100 years was the rise of technology and the need for travel agents. Nowadays, people can use the internet to book flights, buy plane tickets, and check out hotels. Before the internet, people had to go to travel agencies to book their tickets. In the past, it might seem that travel agencies only provided services to wealthy travelers, as many people could not afford a vacation trip and were paying travel agents fees. Travel agents were not able to compare prices on their own, as now there are many sites to do so. One search in google gave me a bunch of sites to choose from.

  • How did tourism influence local development?

In many areas the tourism industry is the main driver of economic development. We have added Sunrail and other mass transit to make it more convenient to travel to the beaches. There are Ubers and Lyfts in many areas, along with buses and trains. With all these options it makes it easier to travel around, but it also helps with local development by attracting more people to the area. This has brought money into the area and created more jobs. Restaurants and other places with excursions either just opened in the area or have had to expand to keep up with the demand. I have seen many new developments in the area that have all been built.

  • Can you share with me some of your travel experiences?

My travel experiences have been very different depending on what I am doing. I have had travel experiences with my family and friends. Mostly my travel experiences are very positive from Florida to New York. I go to the beach every summer. I am a huge fan of the NBA and MLB. I have been to a game at each location in Florida and one time to a New York Yankee game.

Travel Industry DISCUSSION
Jacklyn Dougherty

Violin and Piano School Florida.  Zoom, Online and In Person Orlando Florida
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